What You Get

what_you_get Here is what you get with The Remodelers Turn-Key Business System′:

Let’s go step by step through everything that will systematize your business so that it looks, feels, and runs exactly the way you want.

Basic System:

1. First off, you get my Quick-Start Guide & CD. Listen to this audio CD before doing anything else.  It’ll get you started immediately with my 5-step formula for getting your company systematized.  Simply follow the steps laid out in the audio CD and in the manual and you’re on your way to finally having the business you want.

2. Next, you get my manual, How To Manage A Successful Remodeling Company.  This manual provides you with twenty-one construction specific job descriptions, documented procedures for each task an employee is responsible for, and checklists for every procedure.  A CDRom is provided to allow you to easily adapt these templates to fit your unique way of doing things. The list of position descriptions include:


Office Manager
Accounting Assistant
Accounts Payable Manager
Accounts Receivable Mgr.
Payroll Manager
Reception/Office Assistant
Human Resources Manager
Job Description Form
Standard Procedure Form

General Manager
Production Manager
Lead Carpenter “A”
Lead Carpenter “B”
Customer Service Manager
Customer Service-Punch out
Material Procurement Mgr.
Quality Control Manager
Safety Manager

Marketing Director

3. Next, you get my sample Employee Manual and Safety Manual. Every top-notch remodeling should have an employee manual.  Your employee manual will communicate to your staff exactly what “the rules” are for working at your company.  It defines the codes of conduct you expect and keeps your company in harmony.  When everyone clearly knows the rules, employee hassles and conflicts are reduced significantly.  It can easily be amended to fit your company’s way of doing things.  Over 50 policies are included – everything from employee absences, to sick call-in, workers’ compensation, bonuses, moonlighting, use of company equipment, behavior in client’s home, vehicle appearance, safety practices, and more.

You also receive a valuable safety manual.  This template will help you create a customized company safety program.  This keeps you out of hot water with OSHA and your insurance company.  As before, you will receive a CDRom to allow you to quickly and easily adapt these templates to your company.

4. You also get my Book of Forms. Every successful remodeling company needs a clear paper trail.  With this manual, you can use my already tested and proven internal documents for administration, sales, and production to enhance whatever forms you’re currently using in your office.  Any one these dozens of forms could be worth its weight in gold to you.

Why are these so good? Each of these forms aren’t just forms, they’re condensed mini-processes.  For example, an estimating checklist that normally takes an hour, with this form it’s so easy, so organized; you can do the whole thing in 15 minutes.  Everybody saves time.  The Book of Forms is also included on CDRom, so these forms can be customized for your company’s specific needs.

5. You’ll also receive my Trade Contractor Guidelines. If you need to get high quality work from your trade contractors, create some “standard operating procedures” for your trade contractors to follow.  And in this tight labor market, with good employees so scarce, you need to make sure your trade contractors are accountable and performing at peak efficiency and competency.  Put your expectations into writing.  This manual contains customized guidelines that you can use to effectively manage the onsite performance of each of your trade contractors.

If you use trade contractors on your jobs you’ll love this manual. It also comes with a CDRom to allow you to customize these guidelines for your own use.

Gold System:

Or, Why Not “Go Gold”, with My Gold Package.  With my Gold Package you receive all of the benefits of the Basic Package, plus:

6. Production Guidelines – Managing Profitable Jobs – To run a very profitable remodeling company, your production team has to be better than good.  They’ve got to be great.  Your image and your reputation is a direct reflection on your production team’s success or failure.  When things run smoothly, you get rewarded with referrals.  A screw up, and you’ve got to deal with an angry client.  If you want to keep control of your jobs and have your jobs run smooth, this Production Guideline manual is a must.  It covers everything from job site supervision, progress meetings, change orders, and handling things that can go wrong, to the final punch list and closing out a job.

7. Salesperson Guidelines Manuals I & II – Are you doing the selling for your firm? Would you like to delegate the sales to a salesperson and have your salesperson produce the same volume you do or better? Perhaps you’ve thought of bringing on a salesperson but you’ve been unable to do so because nobody’s been able to sell the jobs as well as you can.  With these salesperson guidelines you can have your salespeople sell your services as well or better than you do, which in turn will add additional profit to your bottom line.  These guidelines cover everything from the first sales appointment to putting together a really good job package for your production team.  These two manuals eliminate the confusion, miscommunication, and errors that go into selling profitable projects and getting them ready for production.  A growing remodeling company will find this to be an invaluable resource.

8. Marketing Guidelines Books I & II – Let’s face it.  Filling your company’s pipeline with a steady flow of qualified leads is the name of the game.  Without great leads, even the best remodeler in the world will go broke.  And for your peace of mind, you need to know with absolute certainty that you can get all the leads your company needs, whenever you need them – no matter what time of year, or the state of the economy.  In these two manuals I’ve laid out two of the most powerful methods every developed for getting all the qualified leads you need.  The first manual covers everything you need to ensure your firm stays flooded with high-quality referrals.  Manual #2 lays out the step-by-step details on how to host a homeowner seminar.  Personally, I’ve found this little-understood marketing.

I’ve also included Two Special Bonuses for those who purchase the Gold Program… Bonus #1 – The special video, “Managing The Emotional Homeowner” Let’s face it, we’ve all dealt with the hot under the collar emotional homeowner before.  The emotional homeowner can make or break every project we do.  If you (or your staff) don’t know how to deal with the situation, it can mean lost productivity, lost referrals, even litigation.  You’ll find this videotape an invaluable resource for you.  Taped from my presentation at the 1998 Remodelers’ Show, it contains little-known information on how to defuse tough client situations and turn your customers into raving fans that provide referrals.  This video gives everyone in your company the skills they need to effectively deal with the emotional homeowner and turn the “lion into a lamb”.  You’ll want to make viewing this videotape standard training for all of your staff.  Sells separately for $197.  You get it free.

Bonus #2 – The Special Report: “25 Low Cost and No Cost Hiring Methods” So just how can you find good employees these days, when virtually everyone who wants a job already has one? The days of running a small ad in the paper and sitting back and getting phone call after phone call from talented people are long gone.  If you don’t know how to inexpensively find and attract good employees, you could waste thousands and thousands of dollars running help-wanted ads that don’t work.  This special report lays out 25 inexpensive and effective recruiting techniques to hire the lead carpenters, sales people, and administrative staff you want.  This is sold by itself for $79.00.  All together, this totally unique Remodeling Turnkey Business System′ is so complete, I believe it’s everything you will ever need.  By now, you’re probably wondering…

How Much Does It Cost? A nationally known business consultant suggested that I package all of this information up, and sell it as a franchise costing $20,000 or more.  But you won’t have to invest anything close to that.  As a matter of fact, I’ll suggest that The Remodeling Turnkey Business System′ doesn’t cost you one penny – because it eliminates waste from your operation, increases the productivity from your employees and trade contractors, and provides you with more referrals and profits.  Not to mention a whole lot more free time.

But, to more directly answer, The Basic Remodeling Turnkey Business System′ is only $697.00 billed to your credit card.
How to order The Basic Remodeling Turnkey Business System.

The Gold Package is just $997.00 billed to your credit card.  Which works out to just $2.73 a day.  For that, you can’t even hire a part-time high school kid for an hour to help out around the office.
How to order The Gold Package.

Think for a minute about the value of your time.  If you use the system to go from 55 hours a week down to under 40, if you value your time at $100 an hour, the system pays for itself after just one week’s time.

Here’s a look at everything you get:

David Lupberger’s Turnkey Business System′ For Remodelers:

Quick Start Guide

Quick Start Guide CD


Managing your Remodeling Co

Managing your Remodeling Co. CD

Employee Manual and CD

Safety Manual and CD

Book of forms

Book of forms on CD

Trade Contractor Guidelines

Trade Contractor Guidelines on CD

Production Guidelines


Salesperson Guidelines I   


Salesperson Guidelines II