intro_welcome The Remodeler’s Turnkey Program:  A 5-Step Program to GET YOUR LIFE BACK!!!

Are you an underpaid remodeler?

Are you working too many hours??

Are you wearing all the “hats” in your company, from owner, to manager, to salesman, purchasing agent, bill payer and onsite remodeler???

Are you tired of doing all these jobs 24/7????

What if you could “turn-key” your remodeling business so that it provided a nice income for you without you having to manage all the day-to-day details? Imagine your remodeling company running smoothly and seamlessly:

Steady referrals coming in,

Profitable jobs sold,

Projects running without a hitch,

Your clients delighted with your service,

Everything running like a model of efficiency.

Now, picture this happening without all the annoying headaches that you deal with everyday… no more too-long days, hectic schedules, and all of the other stuff that takes the fun out of being a profitable remodeler.

Sound impossible?  Well, it can be done.  It’s not a dream.  I spent three solid years systematizing the day-to-day operations of a remodeling business.  I’ve “turn-keyed” the whole process, eliminating all the pain-in-the-neck owner or manager activities that drive remodelers nuts everyday.  Keep reading to find out how to “turnkey” your remodeling business.

The Story Behind the Story:  Success Came From Humble Beginnings

Several years ago, I was an active remodeler.  I was doing what most remodelers do.  I was working 60-70 hours a week, with paperwork taking up most of my evenings and weekends.  I was consumed with all of the day-to-day details of running a successful remodeling company.  I was the owner, the manager, the salesman, the purchasing agent, the bill payer and the onsite remodeler.  There was little time to do anything else.

Then something happened that changed my life.  My wife and I had our first child.  My son was born, and had colic.  Do you know what colic is?  What that means is that he cried almost 24 hours a day.  He seldom slept, and he seldom ate.  But he did cry.  He cried regularly, and often.  After 6 weeks of living with a colicky baby, my wife was exhausted. She needed help.

We arrived at a plan to let my wife get some rest.  I agreed to care for the baby between 4 and 5 am, and keep him until 9 am, so that my wife could get 5 or 6 hours of uninterrupted rest.  What this meant was that I could no longer go to work at 7 am.  I was now responsible for childcare from around 4 am to 9 am.  To make this work, I needed to document all my early morning job procedures so that my project manager could now open the office, retrieve messages, confirm material deliveries, and make sure everyone got to the right job.  Because I couldn’t get to the office before 9 am, my project manager became responsible for opening the office and getting the morning set-up done for every job we were working on.

Now, I was lucky.  I had a great project manager, but I also had the benefit of working with a local remodeler who understood “systems”.  This local remodeler became my mentor, and showed me how to run a successful remodeling business.  Everything in his business was organized and efficient.  Best of all, because his business ran with clearly defined “systems”, he was free to work “on the business”, and allow his employees to work “in the business”.  His company “systems” managed all of his day-to-day details.

Working with my mentor, I put into place “morning procedures” so that my project manager could successfully open the office every morning without my being there.  The good news is that it worked!  Even though I wasn’t coming into the office until 9:30 or 10 am, the office was functioning smoothly, and jobs were running on schedule.

After working with him, I came to an amazing realization.  I wasn’t running my remodeling business… my business was running me! It made perfect sense.  If your business is reliant on you showing up to manage everything – you’ve done nothing more than buy yourself a 70-hour a week, stressful job.  Harsh, but true.  This is why so many small business owners experience “burn out” after several years of owning their own business.

Now, something interesting happened after 7 months, when my son grew out of the colic and became a normal baby.  I discovered I liked being at home with him in the morning.  I liked getting him up in the morning and giving him breakfast and getting him dressed.  I liked doing “daddy duty”.  My son had helped “wean” me off of 12 to 15 hours workdays. I liked being a DAD!

Next, I came to a very clear conclusion:  I didn’t want to spend the next 10 years like I’d spent the last 10 years.  I wanted to be available to watch my son grow up, and I wanted to be there to care for him.  To do this, I needed to “re-engineer” my day-to-day business operations.  I became totally committed to developing and using a “system” to run everything in my business – the office work, the sales, all the field work, marketing, everything.  It took three solid years to develop, fine-tune, and perfect the systems.  But the results have been amazing.

The Benefits:  What Having the Right Systems In Place Will Do For You

Imagine how much smoother and easier things would run if you had every aspect of your business organized and “turn-keyed”.  When your business is organized and under control:

  • The quality level of your jobs goes up
  • Your clients are happier.
  • You get consistent reliable performance from your support team
  • You dramatically cut down on waste and inefficiency.
  • Training new-hires is a snap.
  • Most importantly, you’ll no longer have to keep everything “in your head”

You’ll be free from much of the stress and the day-to-day headaches that go along with owning a remodeling business.

And you should see what it does for your referral business.  Your clients will be amazed when they see how organized, coordinated, and professional your firm is, without you having to stand over everybody’s shoulder and “baby sit”. And because of that, your clients won’t feel like they have to page you every time something comes up.

The Results…

Once I began to create and implement the right systems and put them into place, my business was quickly transformed.  The 12-14 hour days, the headaches, the stress, the confusion, the miscommunication, and the “little annoying things”… all started to go away.

Take two remodeling businesses and compare them.

In the first business the owner works 12-14 hours a day.  He does every estimate.  He writes every contract.  He calls every sub.  He has to respond to almost every question from employees, subs, and homeowners.  Every decision depends on him.  He struggles with the workload.  It results in confusion, lost time, and negative results.

In the second business the owner works just 6-8 hours a day.  He’s got more personal time.  He’s got a life. His daily job schedules, job status reports, and action plans, have his teams ahead of schedule.  This results in bonuses for the team and more profits for the owner.

Which business do you want to run???

Creating a Successful Business:  Stop the Rat Race and Have a Normal Life for a Change

When your business is turn-keyed… you seldom have fires to put out, no more 12-15 hour days, and you eliminate most miscommunication or confusion. You can…

  • Work eight to five, four days and quit every Friday at noontime for a nice long weekend.
  • Feel confident that every job is running the way you want, without you having to jump in the truck and fight traffic to check it for yourself.
  • Get rid of all nickel and dime details that take up all your time and drive you crazy.
  • Enjoy a family vacation and not have that awful feeling in the pit of your stomach that things are falling apart without you.

When you’re organized and systematized you can finally enjoy consistency of results.  Not just occasionally, but every time.  This occurs because every activity in your business can be duplicated over and over again with the same desired outcome.

The Short-Cut to Effective Company Systems:  The Honest Truth About Systematizing

The honest truth is, it takes a long time.  Systematizing your business is a big job.  I started from square one, and it took me three years to “Turn-Key” my remodeling operations.  After consulting with and helping hundreds of remodelers I can tell you, it’s very difficult to find the time to invent and create a turnkey business system and do your other 100 or so owner/manager jobs on top of it.

But like many other remodelers, if you want to enjoy all the benefits of having a systematized business, consider using the Remodelers

Turnkey Program™ in your business to create the “standard operating procedures” that you don’t have the time now to create. I’ve put my entire Remodeling Turnkey Program™ together for success-minded remodelers who don’t have the time to start systematizing their business from scratch.

Everything is included. My whole entire system assembled for you to use as a model or template, even copy if you wish. Having my Remodelers Turnkey Program™ will save you time and labor. You won’t have to spend three years reinventing the wheel. It’s really everything you need to systematize your own remodeling business.

Any remodeler can use my Remodelers Turnkey Program™ to systematize their business. It makes no difference what type of remodeling you do – design/build, windows & siding, sunrooms, full service, exterior only, handyman, whatever. It makes no difference what size firm you have – from the one-man show to a multi-million dollar operation.

No special skills are required. The hard stuff is already done. You simply follow my templates and change and adapt my systems to fit your company’s way of doing things. You won’t have to spend three years of trial and error designing your systems from the ground up. You can start systematizing your business immediately!

If this sounds good to you, I’ve put together a *special internet offer for you so you can start to enjoy your business and your life again.

How to Order:

It’s Easy to Do…

You can order the Gold Turnkey Program, and with 1 payment, the shipping charge is waived:

Gold Package

Order GOLD Package in Single Payment (Shipping charge wavied)
Your Total investment: $997.00

You can also purchase the gold program, and pay in 2 installments:

Order GOLD Package in 2 Payments
Shipping is $32.00
Your Total investment: $1,029.00.00
in two installments of $514.50 each

Basic Package

As with the Gold Program, you can pay with 1 payment, and waive the shipping fee:

Order BASIC Package in Single Payment (Shipping charge wavied)
Your Total investment: $697.00

You can also purchase the basic program, and pay in 2 installments:

Order BASIC Package with 2 Payments
Shipping is $22.00
Your Total investment: $719.00
in two installments of $359.50 each

Right now, while it’s fresh in your mind, fill out the special Remodeling Turnkey Business System™ online registration form. Or call 888-818-6614 Mon-Fri., 9AM-5PM MST and I’ll be happy to speak with you personally. You may download some free samples by clicking here.

Whatever you do, don’t set this aside and say, “I’ll get around to it…” Procrastinating won’t get you anywhere. All procrastination does is give you restless nights. This is a positive decision you will be very, very glad you made – I guarantee it.

I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you.


Dave Lupberger

P.S   If you have questions about the program, why not give me a call at 888-818-6614? I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and see if this is right for you. The call is free – you’ve got nothing to lose but a couple minutes of your time. But you might just find out that this is exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

P.S. #2 Maybe you won’t choose to work just one day per week like I do. But wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could take Friday afternoons off? Or take long weekends whenever you want to spend with your spouse? When you business is organized you really can live life the way you want.

P.S. #3 The system will work for ANY remodeling specialty or niche – full service remodeling, design/build, kitchens & baths, windows & siding, and many more.

P.S. #4 Don’t forget the system comes with four computer CDs! These allow you to quickly and easily adapt my systems to fit your company’s way of doing things. Simply pop the CDs into your computer, and change or modify anything you like to fit your specific style or way of running your business. Hit “print” and you’re done! Having these CDs is a real time-saver!

If you do not want to purchase online you can order these ways:

Call toll free: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00 PM, MST (888) 818-6614 Send a check or money order to: 1098 Terrace Circle North, Boulder, CO 80304

The Guarantee

I realize you may be a little unsure or skeptical. I understand. So my system is backed with an iron-clad, unconditional, no-hassle…Six Month 100% Money Back Guarantee

Here’s how it works:

If at any time within the first six months you aren’t completely thrilled, head over heels happy with the system, or your results, for any reason, I insist you send it back for a prompt and cheerful refund. This guarantee is very straightforward. There isn’t any teeny tiny fine print. If you aren’t happy, return it and get an immediate, full refund. Period.

Short, sweet, and simple: Owning the Remodeling Turnkey Business System™ either helps you reduce the mental and physical stress that comes with being a remodeler and maximizes your time and earnings – or you pay nothing.  I’ll buy it back from you, unconditionally! You have 6 months to determine if the program will work for you!!!