The Proactive Contractor’s Marketing System:

Creating a Recession-Proof Cash Flow Business System

What is the condition of the construction industry today?  Nationally, over 40% of remodeling contractors are unemployed.  In new construction, it’s over 70%!

We’re in a new market.  We’re in a new economy, and homeowners are scared.  Let’s face it – the economy sucks!  Due to this, there is a lack of consistent work because low real estate values are causing homeowners to reassess what they need and want.

Amidst all this uncertainty, homeowners are postponing bigger projects until they feel more comfortable with what is going on.  There is fear about where the country is going and the economy in general.  Homeowners are afraid to invest money in larger projects.  They don’t look at their home as an iron-clad investment anymore.

How to Make This Year Better than Last:
Creating a Recession-Proof Cash Flow Business System

How is this affecting you?

  • Are you seeing less work than you did 2 years ago?  How about project size?
  • Are your annual revenues down from 2 years ago?
  • Are you finding homeowners are now speaking not with 2 or 3 contractors, but with 5 or 6 looking for the best price?  Even after meeting with 5 or 6 contractors, are they demanding concessions and price reductions?
  • Has your closing ratio gone down?  If you could close 1 in 4 before, what is it now?  Is it now closer to 1 in 10?
  • Are there problems with cash flow?
  • Have you had to lay off workers?  (Who hasn’t laid someone off, or know someone who has laid workers off?)
  • Are you working harder due to layoffs and a smaller staff?
  • Are you working harder now, and making less money?

When one door closes, another opens…

There is an answer to the existing market conditions.  I say this because there is always opportunity.  Regardless of the economy, homeowners always need help.  Let me give you some background on myself.  I’m a former Design/Build remodeling contractor, and author of the Remodelers Turnkey Program and Managing the Emotional Homeowner.  I’ve been in the industry for over 20 years (where did the time go?)

Several years ago, I was a founder in a group called the Remodelers Guild.  The Remodelers Guild was formed to assist contractors in making their business a salable entity.  Even then, when the market was good, this was a daunting task.  We didn’t succeed with our big vision, but a part of what we created proved to be an exceptional idea.  It focused on the homeowner, helping them manage their most expensive asset.  At the time, it was called the Home Life Plan.  In this economy, this idea has more value than ever!

Imagine finding a business model that:

  • Is recession proof – even a bad economy won’t affect this!
  • Is proactive, not reactive – we don’t wait for customers to call – we call them and generate work orders!
  • Provides ongoing cash flow – generating work orders even in a down economy
  • Allow you to build life-long relationships with customers allowing you to become their “contractor for life”
  • Builds long-term company equity

There are business models that work regardless of the economy.  Let me explain:

There are 2 ways to look at the construction industry now.  The first is the “glass half-empty” point of view.  It’s hard to argue with:

  • We are in the midst of one of the worst economic downturns in American history
  • Homes are no only going down in value, but it’s estimated that over 20% of homes have mortgages that are greater than their existing value – they are upside down!
  • Homeowners can’t sell their homes, and are reassessing what to do
  • Homeowners are concerned about how much to invest in their home
  • The construction industry has gotten hammered!

Amidst all this turmoil, let’s review the “glass half-full” point of view:

  • Homeowners still own their homes
  • They can’t sell them, and these homes still need work
  • These homes all have ongoing service and repairs issues that need to be done regardless of the economy – this is still the homeowner’s largest, and in many cases, most expensive asset!
  • If they stay in their homes for the next 5 – 10 years, will there be improvements they need to make?
  • If they are staying in the home, can you assist them in understanding the best improvements they can make from a cost/benefit perspective?

A business model that’s proactive, not reactive – we don’t wait for customers to call – we call them!

I want to introduce a business idea that incorporates a service approach into your construction services.  With this new approach, we adopt a service mentality, taking a “proactive” approach where we regularly contact them and are proactive in setting up a meeting with them to jointly develop a three to five year plan for addressing their facility needs and desires (before they even arise).

This service approach creates a continuum of services that begin with:

  • A small projects home inventory
  • Moves into a customized, scheduled maintenance and service plan,
  • And then evolves into larger projects as part of the longer-range plan

This “hierarchy of service” allows us to move clients we work with from a reactive business relationship into a proactive plan that identifies work in advance as far out as five years.  The plan will grow and change over time.  It is intended to invite an ongoing interactive dialogue with the client.  This plan is collaborative – an ongoing review of homeowner needs and wants.

Shifting to a service focus provides cash flow

Bottom line – homeowners will always need work done.  Before saying this is just a handyman model, I want to highlight 2 very important distinctions.  This is not about going out to repair a broken door or window screen.  That is part of the “reactive” business model I mentioned before.

The goal of this program is to provide the client with a reliable and trustworthy “partner” or “advisor” for maintaining and enhancing the value of their home, assisting the client in creating a personal vision for their property.

The plan “binds” these three basic components:

  • Maintenance – Routine inspections and service focusing on such items as HVAC, lawn maintenance, sprinkler systems, alarm systems, filter changing, energy cost reduction, etc.
  • Repairs – Small non-recurring maintenance projects such as replacing a window, repairing a door, etc.
  • Remodeling and building new structures – This will include full service remodeling of kitchens and baths, room additions, home offices, major renovations, etc., as well as building a guest house, adding a garage, perhaps constructing a vacation home, creating a pool house, adding an outside entertainment area, and other such projects.

The plan will contain a list of projects with project schedule and estimated costs that will become the action plan for the next twelve months as well as the planning document for future projects within the next 3 to 5 years.  Due to this “action plan”, we control 2 vital components.

  • We control scheduling – most things are not emergencies, so we coordinate work so that it’s done on our schedule
  • We bundle projects – we don’t go out for one or 2 jobs, we go out then there is several days of work to be completed.  Remember, we coordinate the schedule!
  • When you go to the homeowner’s house at a pre-arranged time and they know you are coming, additional projects will be added – I guarantee it!

Yes, small jobs are included in the program but as a part of the service we provide in the total package.

There are 7 things you must do:

  • Follow these steps to build company financial independence
    • Understand the distinctions of the home service model (this is not the handyman concept)
    • Take your existing database of past customers and pick a select group to test this concept
    • Set initial appointments to present concept
    • Complete a sample home inventory and homeowner notebook reviewing
      • Maintenance
      • Repairs
      • Future remodeling needs (roof, HVAC, energy upgrades, updated living space needs)
    • Re-visit HO’s with program review, solutions, and recommended actions
    • Sign contracts for work that extends into the next 12 months
    • Add the home services concept to your business model

Road blocks:

What will keep you from introducing this into your own business?  The concept is strong.  You can see the need and the logic behind this.

  • Are you waiting for the market to come back?  What if it doesn’t come back?
  • Are you relying on your old business model within this new economy that your old business model doesn’t address?
  • With the economy and downsizing, are you are working harder now than ever before?  Do you feel you just don’t have the time to do this?
  • You haven’t done this before – you don’t know where to start

I have a resource to help – I can help you solve this problem. I can give you a pre-formatted business system to introduce this program into your existing operations!

The Home Asset Management Plan

I’ve already created the Home Asset Management Plan.  It is a step by step plan to introduce a home service model to your customer base.  The Home Asset Management Plan (HAMP) is a new and unique program that takes a comprehensive view of a customer’s home and property from the top down.  HAMP is designed to be a full service program that meets the total needs and desires of a unique segment of the market.  The cornerstone of the program is the strong relationship of total trust and confidence that your company has earned through past work.  The goal of the program is to provide the client with a reliable and trustworthy “partner” or “advisor” for maintaining and enhancing the value of their home, assisting the client in creating a personal vision for their property.

  • The Home Asset Management Planincludes:
    • Understanding the Model -
      • The Home Asset Management Plan
      • Why Implement the Model?
      • Who are Home Asset Management Plan Clients?
    • Business development and sales guide
      • Market approach – creating your marketing list
      • Marketing strategies
      • Sample brochures
      • Service Scope (you will define this – with examples provided)
      • Vendor Partnerships
      • Step by step sales guide
        • 1st appointment (with sales guide – sample questions)
        • 2nd appointment (with sales guide and sample questions)
        • 3rd appointment (with sales guide, and sample HO notebook guide)
    • Operations & Production Module
      • Setting up a small projects division
        • Introduction
        • How to begin small and scale for growth
        • Setting-up the small projects division
          • Scope of work review
          • Sample tool inventory
          • Internal work processes
    • Human resources
      • Sample job descriptions
      • Sample ads and interview forms
      • Recommended hiring procedures
    • Product samples
      • Sample marketing brochures
      • Sample Home Inventory notebook
  • The Sample Homeowner Notebook (this goes to your homeowner clients)
    • Introduction –To the Home Asset Management Plan
    • Client Information – Information on the home and the clients
    • Observations and Recommendations – After reviewing the property, the contractor compiles a list of observations, recommendations, with estimated costs and contracts for the care and improvement of the property.
    • Photos – This section will include photographs of recommended maintenance and repair items
    • Plan – Actual- This is the project schedule for the agreed upon work
    • Contracts – This section includes all executed contracts for the work to be performed.
    • Inventory – This inventory provides the information needed to complete the work scheduled for the first year.
    • Communications- All homeowner communication is filed in this section
      • Does anyone do energy audits?  Home energy audits become part of your product offers allowing you to identify and plan energy upgrades up to 3 years in advance
      • You can also assist your homeowners with identifying the useful life of other working systems:
        • Roof
        • Exterior paint
        • HVAC
        • Appliances

You become their homeowner resource – giving them information to plan and budget for the future!

Knowing this – what do you want to do?

  1. You can do nothing
    Cost for not taking action

    • Financial uncertainty
    • Loss of profit
    • Frustration with the existing market
    • Pain (physical, financial or emotional)
  2. You can do this yourself
    • Loss of time re-creating the program
    • Loss of momentum (this is a BIG one)
      • The timing is perfect for this – don’t waste time!
      • Homeowners need and want your help
    • Loss of opportunity
  3. You can purchase the Home Asset Management Plan. There is a hard way, and an easy way.  Creating this on your own is the hard way.  The easy way is to get this from someone who has already done it!

Why this product as opposed to other solutions?

  • It’s already done and tested
  • It’s scalable
  • You decide the degree that you want to implement this

What are the Benefits?

  • Immediate cash flow
  • A more stable workplace
  • Work scheduled in advance – up to 3 years in advance
  • Become a solution provider and resource to every customer
  • This homeowner peace of mind translates to ongoing work
  • The timing for this concept is perfect

There is more – Here are 3 product bonuses along with the Home Asset Management Plan!

  • The fast-start audio CDreviews the program in depth, and how to implement it successfully
    • In this one-hour audio, I’ll review the program in a step by step fashion so that you understand each element and how to implement it successfully.
    • I’ll review many of the questions that you now have and want answered!
  • To make sure you’re more comfortable, I’m offering every buyer a 1-hour private consulting session for any questions you have.  This is your opportunity to get on the phone with me and get every question answered. As the saying goes “Knowledge is Power!”
  • The Remodelers Turnkey Program Book of Forms: with this free bonus, you will receive over 30 construction-related forms in both a hard-copy notebook along with a CD ROM for easy duplication:
    • Production:
      • Change Order Form
      • Phase Code Sample
      • Progress Report Form
      • Daily Time Sheet
      • Expense Report Form
      • Field Checklist
      • Hardware Order Checklist
      • Final Inspection Checklist
      • Daily Job Log
      • Job Bonus Form
      • Material Take Off Order Checklist
      • Material/Subcontractor Order Log
      • Maintenance Checklist
      • Sample Production Schedule
      • Project Start-Up Checklist
      • Project Completion Checklist
      • Tool Sign Out/In
      • Time Card
      • Vacation Request
      • Lien Waiver/Release of Liens
      • Contractor’s Warranty
    • Sales:
      • Design Agreement
      • Jobsite Checklist
      • How to Find a Good Contractor Handout
      • Sample Contract Proposal
      • Sample Contract Clarifications
      • Right of Rescission
      • Project Selection Checklist
      • Estimating Checklist
      • Specifications Index
      • Ground Rules Agreement
      • Subcontractor Bid List

The Guarantee

I realize you may be a little unsure or skeptical.  I understand.  So my system is backed with an iron-clad, unconditional, no-hassle…Three Month 100% Money Back Guarantee.

Here’s how it works:

If at any time within the first three months you aren’t completely thrilled, head over heels happy with the system, or your results, for any reason, I insist you send it back for a prompt and cheerful refund. This guarantee is very straightforward.  There isn’t any teeny tiny fine print.  If you aren’t happy, return it and get an immediate, full refund.  Period.

Short, sweet, and simple: owning the Home Asset Management Plan either helps you reduce the mental and physical stress that comes with being in the construction industry and maximizes your time and earnings – or you pay nothing.  I’ll buy it back from you, unconditionally!  You have 3 months to determine if the program will work for you!!!

How much to claim your copy of the Home Asset Management Plan: $797

Here is what is included – buyers will receive 3 hard copy notebooks and CD ROMS where needed:

  • Home Asset Management Plan Instruction Manual plus CD ROM (for duplication)
  • Homeowner Notebook sample plus CD ROM (for duplication)
  • Turnkey Program book of forms plus CD ROM(for duplication)
  • Fast Start Audio CD on how to implement the program quickly!
  • 1-Hour Consultation coupon

Claim Your Copy Now

You can order online at If you do not want to purchase online you can order these ways:

Call: Monday-Friday 9:00AM-5:00 PM, MST (303) 442-3702
Send a check or money order to: 1098 Terrace Circle North, Boulder, CO 80304

You can introduce a business model that:

  • Is recession proof – the economy won’t affect this!
  • Is proactive, not reactive – we don’t wait for the customer to call – we call them!
  • Provides ongoing cash flow, even in a down economy
  • Allows you to build life-long relationships with your customers allowing you to become their “contractor for life”
  • Builds long-term company equity – let’s talk about this. Are construction companies salable?  Imagine walking into your office and seeing a shelf with over 50 home asset plan binders on the shelf
    • Imagine starting the year with over $500,000 work already on the books
    • Your remodeling company builds equity when you have work booked in advance
    • Your company has value due to work scheduled in advance!

Whatever you do, don’t set this aside and say, “I’ll get around to it…” Procrastinating won’t get you anywhere.  All procrastination does is give you restless nights.  This is a positive decision you will be very, very glad you made – I guarantee it.

I’m looking forward to working with you and helping you.

Dave Lupberger

P.S.  If you have questions about the program, why not give me a call at 303-442-3702?  I’ll be happy to answer all of your questions and see if this is right for you.  The call is free – you’ve got nothing to lose but a couple minutes of your time.  But you might just find out that this is exactly what you’ve been hoping for.

P.S. #2:  The system will work for ANY remodeling specialty or niche – full service remodeling, Design/Build, kitchens & baths, windows & siding, and many more.

P.S. #3:  Don’t forget the system comes with three computer CDs!  These allow you to quickly and easily adapt my systems to fit your company’s way of doing things.  Simply pop the CDs into your computer, and change or modify anything you like to fit your specific style or way of running your business.  Hit “print” and you’re done!  Having these CDs is a real time-saver!

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