Establishing Project Ground Rules

Most disagreements during a construction or home improvement project come from a lack of clear communications which leads to unfulfilled expectations.  What are a homeowner’s expectations?  Before a project starts, we can only guess what those expectations are!  If they have been watching Extreme Home Makeover, or some other home improvement show, they may get the idea that home improvement is a smooth process, and difficulties are minimal.  This is just not realistic, as most television programs don’t highlight homeowner meltdowns.

Successful contractors not only mange the project, but they manage the process.  You can effectively address homeowner expectations by using the ground rules agreement.  This ground rules agreement is about managing daily worksite expectations.  Before any project starts, you need to review a number of questions regarding the work area, including project supervision, dust protection, pets, children around the worksite, tool storage, landscaping, parking restrictions, and more.  The ground rules agreement allows you to review potential problem areas before they become problems.  The ground rules questions included here make sure that both and your customers are on the same page.  Here are some of the questions that help to establish clear project ground rules:

Click here to access the Ground Rules Agreement.

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